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  1. Beau Harvey says:

    Hello Ms. Schroeder,

    I would like to talk to you about illustrating a small children’s book.
    Thanks very much for your time and call anytime or just drop an email.

    Beau Harvey

  2. Nancy says:

    Hi Louise….2022 and I hope you are well, still in Texas, and still illustrating! To the point: will you consider reading a short but poignant children’s story that needs an illustrator?
    Some illustrators will not accept a self-published author but if the right illustrator could be found, the book would not have to be ‘self-published.’
    The author lives in New Braunfels and one of his works is on Amazon…”Waldo Maccabee: In Christ’s Footsteps.”

    The story is clearly of a Christian origin and simple, kind.

    I am neither a writer or an illustrator! Just someone seemingly being pushed along a path….Appreciative for your time-Nancy, Salado, TX

    • Louise says:

      Thanks for contacting me Nancy. I’m busy working on my own books so I’m sorry and wouldn’t be able to illustrate for someone at this time.

  3. Rick Charvet says:

    Dear Louise,

    I met a person you know “a biast from the past” Miles Patrick Yohnke who introduced me to your art. I responded on something he posted in Sara Genn’s Painters Keys blog. Since then, for whatever reason, he keeps writing me. It’s cool, I love meeting new people and learning about Canada more than hockey (big hockey fan). Miles told me to send “good vibes” your way, so I am. Interestingly enough, my son and his wife lived in Austin, TX for a year or so. Yes, please keep it “weird” and colorful and open-minded. Austin is the anomaly of Texas. So here goes what I told Miles this morning. Just as reference, I taught art to children for 30 years. Not so much technique, but how to capture one’s soul, evoke feeling, create rhythm, and to make something unique. The technique stuff came when they were ready. Many are successful artists all over the country. Nothing fancy, but all from the heart in one of the worst conditioned art rooms around, but ironically the best art room around. Peace out. On Louise. Yes, stunning. Funny she is now in Austin, Texas where my older son lived for a year or two.

    But Texas is too weird with its governor and such, but Austin is the anomaly for the “weird and creatives” with plenty of Vegan places.

    My older son, Scott and his wife Cynthia, are vegan.

    As does Louise’s paintings, the first thing I noticed was the surreal texture they evoked.

    And as I read she paints with acrylic on watercolor paper…ahhh, that’s what gave it the texture.

    Her paintings are so clean, bright, and happy. I could tell she is a joyful person.

    There are some paintings I see and I can say, “That person is not happy.”

    My friend, “Abby” who runs “Spirits of Africa” is a Happy Person and you can see it in his paintings.

    Art is an extension of one’s self and when I taught art I always told my students, “No one can make the art you make because you made it – good or bad, whatever you think, you created an original.”

    It is awesome to meet “great souls”.

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